Smooth, soft skin and tidy brows are real possibility with our range of professional waxing services at Bare Essentials beauty salon in West Hagbourne


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If you’re bored with shaving, messy depilatory creams and other hair removal methods, waxing could be the way forward for you. It’s a semi-permanent type of hair removal which removes the hair from the root, where hair removal creams and shaving just take it from skin level.

It’s long-lasting and fuss-free, new hairs take two to eight weeks to grow back, depending on your hair type. We can wax almost anywhere on your body, including your eyebrows, face, legs, arms, back, abdomen and feet. We also carry out intimate waxing.

What happens and does it hurt?

We’re going to be pulling your hair out at the root, so it’s not going to be completely painless, but we make it as comfortable for you as we can, and we recommend a patch test if you have sensitive sin.

We apply the wax thinly over your skin, and then press down onto a cloth or paper strip which is quickly ripped off against the direction of hair growth, taking off the wax and the hair.

Eyebrow reshaping

If you’re trying to grow reshape your brows, we advise that you let them grow out as much as possible first before booking your appointment. We can work with your existing hair pattern but we can’t create a shape from brow hair that isn’t there, so if you’ve over-plucked in the past, you might find that your brows tend to grow back sparsely, or not at all.

Hair grows in three stages, and the hairs don’t all grow back at the same time. The three growth stages can take six to eight weeks, so when you book your brow shaping appointment with Bare Essentials, you need to allow three to six months to grow your brows out first.

For more information on waxing, or to book an appointment with us, please use our contact page.

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  • Treatment Area Cost
    Full Leg Wax £24
    1/2 Leg Wax £15
    Bikini Small £8
    Bikini Large £15
    Bikini Sides and Top £10
    Underarms £7
    Lip & Chin £5
    Eyebrows £10
    Treatment Area Cost
    Chest Large £18
    Full Back £25
    Full Arm £19
    Half Arm £12
    Tummy Line £6
    Chest Small £12
    Shoulders £15