Professional Sports and Remedial Massage

Tamsin offers sports remedial massage to help soothe and heal injuries, aches and pains.

sports and remedial massage oxfordshire

Tamsin is our sports massage expert – she offers sports and remedial massage on selected days here at Bare Essentials in Oxfordshire.

Sports massage isn’t just for athletes – it’s a a fantastic therapeutic massage treatment that’s beneficial for many people. Often called deep tissue massage, it’s excellent for targeting those everyday aches and pains we all get, caused by work, general activity, illness or exercise.

How can sports massage help?

A good deep tissue massage treatment can help to restore and revive, rebalance and realign your muscles; help to heal niggling tendon and ligament damage, increase your joints’ range of movement and flexibility. It can even  help with the healing process if you’re suffering with acute and chronic pain.

Sports massage, and remedial massage are more of a clinical treatment than general or spa type massage and they are both excellent when used to help treat many minor and long term injuries. Deep tissue massage is also used by many people to help with pain relief, and can be helpful if you suffer from chronic pain conditions like arthritis and even fibromylagia. A deep tissue massage works by helping to identify any underlying causes of injury and offers long-term improvements in physical wellbeing and injury prevention. If you have any injury or medical condition that you need help with, please make sure that you let us know when you book and we will be able to create a treatment programme just for you.

About Tamsin

Tamsin holds a Level 5 Professional Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy (the only one of its kind in the UK) and is also qualified as an Advanced Personal Trainer (Level 4) with GP & Exercise Referral.
She is also a qualified Exercise Nutritionist and Weight Management Specialist.

Tamsin trained as a paramedic and so she understands the complexity and intricacies of the body, and the connections between pain free movement, fitness, health, lifestyle, rehabilitation and wellbeing.

60 Minute Sport & Remedial Massage = £65

45 Minute Sport & Remedial Massage = £55

Contact us to make a booking or call the salon on 01235 851863 or 07870 849351 and speak to Becky.