Shrinking Violet Wraps

Kickstart your slimming regime with a super-effective slimming wrap at Bare Essentials beauty salon in Didcot.

Whether you’re looking for a kick start to a long-term slimming plan or you just want to lose inches to fit into the outfit you’re planning for a big occasion, you can’t go wrong with Shrinking Violet wraps. These incredibly effective wraps help to painlessly and effortlessly shrink you down, and just one 60-minute session has been known to reduce waistlines by up to two inches. You can lose inches in just over an hour while you enjoy a relaxing facial included with your treatment. Add in an LED light therapy mask for skin rejuvenation or an enzymatic peel to help deeply exfoliate the skin.

Inch loss with Shrinking Violet wraps

Just one Wrap treatment can be very effective for temporary inch loss, and although the amount you might lose depends on the individual, we’ve seen some amazing results from just one session. After the initial inch loss, it’s possible for the effects to continue for up to 72 hours, so you could lose even more. Like most beauty treatments, you will achieve optimum results from regular treatments, and long term, from a healthy, balanced diet.
The results last longer if they are combined with a heathy lifestyle, and while you can have ‘problem areas’ treated once every seven days, you can minimise the need for more sessions with a fitness and healthy eating routine.These body wraps are fantastic as a motivator, and you can use them to boost the effects of your natural weight loss, too.

How does it feel to have a body wrap?

It’s not painful, although you may feel a little compression as you’re wrapped up. You might also feel a tickle while you’re wrapped up but you shouldn’t feel any discomfort. After you’ve had a treatment, you might find that you need to go to the toilet more frequently than usual – this is because the wraps have a detoxifying effect and encourage your body to get rid of toxins. This shouldn’t last more than a day or two.

How many sessions will I need?

We recommend that you start with a course of six treatments, over a period of two months, then follow up with a monthly wrap and maintenance treatments a few times per year. But when you come into our beauty salon in West Hagbourne, we’ll talk you through your options and come up with an individual treatment plan to sit you.


To give the products time to be properly absorbed, it’s important that you avoid showering, swimming and strenuous exercise (the type that gets you sweaty) for 24 hours after a wrap.
Drink plenty of water – a litre a day if possible for a few days afterwards to help flush toxins through your system.

Shrinking Wrap Only £65
Wrap with LED £85
Wrap with Enzymatic Peel £75

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