Medical Microneedling

Skin rejuvenation that really works in now available in south Oxfordshire, at Bare Essentials skin clinic in West Hagbourne.

Medical microneedling (which is also known as dermal rollering) is a clinically proven aesthetic therapy that can benefit a wide range of skin conditions – but is often used to improve the look of scarring, acne and stretch marks.
The microneedling procedure is completely safe. Microneedling works by stimulating your body’s natural repair mechanisms, which results in the skin’s thickness being increased by up to 80% while smoothing the appearance of scars, reducing stretch marks and minimising the appearance of wrinkles.
Depending on the area you want to be treated, the therapist will use either a manual derma-roller or a medical micro-needling device to make thousands of tiny microscopic needle marks in your skin, designed to stimulate the production of collagen and rejuvenate your skin naturally.
These tiny punctures heal very fast and as they repair, they boost the formation of new collagen and the growth of the thin layer of cells which line the capillaries and blood vessels. The new capillaries provide a better blood supply to your skin. It can take up to six weeks to see any visible changes and the process will carry on for months, over time giving you the appearance of brighter, healthier skin.
What happens during a microneedling treatment?
Your skin will be numbed with a special cream before the microneedling procedure begins and so you shouldn’t feel any pain while the treatment is being carried out. You could start to feel some discomfort, warmth or a prickling sensation as the procedure goes on and the cream starts to wear off, so if that happens, tell the therapist. You might also get some bleeding but that’s completely normal.
Most clients will need between 3-6 treatments for the best results & you will leave 4 weeks in-between.
We can do a skin care plan up for your skin concerns & do other treatments in between your micro needling.
We will be offering this treatment at £150 per treatment instead of £200 for the next couple of months.
Usual prices :-
Full face -£200
Full face & neck – £250
Full face, neck & chest – £300
Neck only – £100
Chest only – £100
Hands only – £100