Mesotherapy in West Hagbourne, Oxfordshire

We are really excited to be offering an advanced Micro-needling treatment using pharmaceutical serums to help treat your skin.

Fractional Mesotherapy is an advanced technique that provides more comfort with superior results whilst producing collagen through controlled wounding.

Meso therapy can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, hair loss, scars & cellulite.

Fractional Meso also helps to strengthen hair follicles & improves circulation of the scalp. This can increase growth if combined with the Meso products.

This treatment is also a brilliant for anti-ageing, promoting healthy, resilient skin that looks younger.


Pigmented/sun damaged skin – MESOWHITE is a serum designed for safe and intensive skin whitening treatments. It is recommended for people with dark skin tones and also for reduction of the appearance of freckles and skin discoloration caused by acne and photo-aging (age spots).

Lines & wrinkles – MESO LIFT (WRINKLE 3D REDUCTOR)
MESOLIFT is a lifting serum with botox-like effect designed to improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin and to reduce the appearance of mimic wrinkles.

Anti-ageing skin rejuvenation -MESOGEN’X is the latest generation of nutritive serum designed for intensive anti-aging treatments. This unique essence effectively leads to a beautiful and youthful appearance of skin.

MESOHAIR is a peptide serum created for reinforcement of hair bulbs to prevent hair loss. This intensive therapy is recommended for people experiencing premature hair loss.

These serums are added after a needling treatment for an extra £20.

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What is Mesotherapy?

No-Needle Mesotherapy Information. Mesotherapy is a medical technique, it involves the micro-injection of a specially prepared mixture of vitamins, amino acids, and medications, placed after a needling treatment. This will give a deeper penetration of the serum into the dermis.

How often can I have treatment?

Every 2-4 weeks depending on depth used & condition we are treating.

How does it work?

Mesotherapy is a treatment that introduces microscopic quantities of products into the skin to treat a variety of conditions. Homeopathic medications, traditional pharmaceuticals, growth factors, biomimetic peptides, vitamins, minerals and amino acids are a selection of products that are commonly used. All medications are selected for the specific condition being treated.

Modern science has been able to explain the underlying physiology of Mesotherapy. Quite simply, Mesotherapy effectively utilises the dermal circulation. Dermal circulation is known as redundant circulation. With this type of circulation the vessels of the dermis (skin) can be thought of as a complex maze that is difficult to navigate. Once medication is injected into the dermis, it will affect the target tissue. However, due to redundancy in circulation, once the injected medications get into circulation, they will stay for several hours and sometimes as long as a week. Additionally, there are many little pores in the blood vessels of the skin which permit solutions to diffuse in and out.

What are the benefits?

Needle-free Mesotherapy can be a successful alternative when treating conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, sensitive skin and acne. When treating the scalp needle-free Mesotherapy has seen positive results with conditions such as dandruff, excess sebum, seborrheic eczema and a variety of hair loss issues. We should also consider that needle-free Mesotherapy is a pain free alternative to traditional Mesotherapy and can be an attractive option to patients that prefer to avoid or have a fear of injections. Here at Bare Essentials we do not inject products.

Does it hurt?

No Mesotherapy does not hurt & the more sensitive areas can be numbed.

  • These serums are added after a needling treatment for an extra £20

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