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Experience the hi-tech treatments available, in comfortable and luxurious surroundings at Bare Essentials beauty salon in south Oxfordshire.

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We researched the best technology available for our professional skin clinic within Bare Essentials, and we chose the Zeolight system, because we believe it’s the most advanced technology currently available in the beauty industry to date. It’s also extremely effective and we know that’s what our customers love about it.

Light is a component of many beauty treatments, and it’s a very effective one. The Zeolight system is adaptable – it allows us to treat conditions like rosacea, pigmentation and acne, and give clients excellent skin rejuvenation results using Zeolight, which uses multiple wavelengths of light, making it much more targeted and effective than some other salon IPL systems.

Zeolight’s revolutionary skin rejuvenation system gives you instant visible results without any surgery or downtime, and it’s not painful. If you decide that now is the time to address the effects of age on your skin, like many of us, this technology really can help to delay those visible signs of ageing and turn the clock back, skin-wise.

Zeolight RF technology is the fastest and safest radio frequency system on the market and is effective for treating all skin types. It offers a non-surgical, non-invasive painless treatment, suitable for most people.

For permanent hair removal that’s safe and effective, Zeolight combines Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with bi-polar radio frequency (RF) which means we can target precise areas and get deeper into the skin with the treatment.  Another benefit of Zeolight is that it easily treats all hair colours, something which sets it apart from most available hair removal systems.

Whether you need precise, permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation or treatment for acne or rosacea, we can help. Call us to arrange a consultation.

This amazing technology can help with hair removal for all skin types and hair colour, thread veins, spider veins, broken vessels, Rosacea , age spots, sun damage, moles, birthmarks, freckles, acne, scarring, fungal nail and stretch marks


How does Zeolight work?

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How long does it take to see results?

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Is it permanent?