LED Light Therapy

Perfect for special occasions and times when you just feel like perking yourself up – the LED Light Therapy is available here at Bare Essentials beauty salon in south Oxfordshire.

Light Fusion LED Light – one of the most powerful masks on the market!

By exposing the skin to light of a specific wavelength, this unique device helps to increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin, improve blood flow and eliminate toxins from to the skin to provide a comprehensive treatment that betters health and appearance.

Also ideal to combine with other treatments for beautiful results. We can use this mask after micro-needling, chemical peels & alongside facials.

Treatment time is only 10 minutes compared with most LED masks which are 20-30 mins with the same results!

This unique, clinically proven photofacial device provides powerful LED rejuvenation to the skin via an easy-to-use mask for the face. It utilises phototherapy to rejuvenate and brighten the complexion, helping to hydrate, energise, smooth and brighten. Non-invasive, quick and great to use alongside other skin treatments.

Area: Body, Face, Lips.
Skin Type: Acne, Anti-Ageing, Combination, Dry, Mature, Normal, Oily, Pigmentation, Problem Prone, Rosacea, Sensitive.


Is LED therapy gentle?

Yes this is a very gentle treatment, most people fall asleep!
The mask can feel heavy if left on any longer than 20 minutes & it’s not recommended if you are claustrophobic.

Can I have LED treatment at the same time as a facial?

Yes absolutely, we can use this treatment with facials, microdermabrasion & chemical peels.
The blue light would be used to calm the skin & help with healing.

What are the main benefits of LED therapy?

LED Light therapy is also good for:

• Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
• Minimising the effects of sun damage
• Treating acne and problem skin
• Helping to soothe inflammatory conditions like rosacea, eczema and psoriasis
• Scar reduction



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