What laser machine do you use?
Our machine is an ND:Yag Q-Switch Laser Removal machine.

How many sessions does it take?
On average the number of sessions for a removal of a tattoo is 8-10 sessions. If you are looking to have a tattoo faded for a cover up then it is on average 5-6 sessions.

What does it feel like?
There is a common misconception that laser tattoo removal is uncomfortable to have done throughout the whole process, this is only the case for the first couple of sessions because as the ink reduces so does the uncomfortable sensation.

How much does it cost?
Prices start from £40 a session, but vary depending on the size of the area to be treated. Discount is available for when you buy multiple sessions. Please contact for any more info.

Can I have my eyebrows corrected if someone else did a bad job?
There are some occasions whereby Flik is able to re do brows done by someone else, this is only possible where then are no strange colours ie purple, grey, blue, green, pink or red etc, if the brows haven’t been wrongly shaped ie unsymmetrical, too high, too low, too thick, or if the colour is not too saturated ie a block of colour.

Generally speaking Flik has found that the majority of the time the brow would need to be removed via laser tattoo removal and then re done fresh. The benefits of this is that any old bad discoloured tattoos will be removed and will not distort any new colours and tattoos being done, but also Flik can do the brow as she would of from the beginning rather than having to work around someone else’s previous design.

If you would like to know more information on removals and corrections please send a photo of your current brows to 07870 849351 via text.

Will it leave any scarring?
No, Laser Tattoo Removal does not scar when used correctly. The area will only scar if caught, picked, scratch or aggravated in any way. Any skin responses are to be left alone and you should follow the aftercare advice sheet you will be provided with at your first

Can I have Laser Tattoo Removal treatment if I am pregnant and/or breast feeding?
Unfortunately you cannot.

Can I have laser tattoo removal on semi-permanent make-up?
On eyebrows and ‘beauty marks’ it is possible to have laser tattoo removal. It is not possible on eyeliner and lip liner. On average it can take 4-6 sessions to remove eyebrows. 2 months after having a complete removal of eyebrows you would be able to have them re done correctly by Flik if you so wished.

Can I have a tattoo faded for a cover up?
Yes this is a popular request, a lot of people have old tattoos which they may not like anymore and want a cover up/another one done over the top.

Many tattooists prefer old tattoos to be faded so they can re do them, the reason for this is due to the new design having to be a lot darker and more blocked than they may originally desire due to having to try and hide and blend the old tattoo in.

A full removal is not required for a cover up, 2 months must be left between last laser session and the new tattoo being started.