Relaxing Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy a gorgeous hot stone massage in peaceful surroundings, and experience one of the most deeply relaxing, soothing massage treatments there is.


Hot stone massage is a supremely relaxing style of massage therapy that gives you all the benefits of a Swedish massage but with the added soothing effect of beautifully warmed smooth stones.  The hot stones intensify the relaxing effects of the massage, making it a really lovely treatment at any time.
Hot bamboo massage is a deeply relaxing therapy that uses heated bamboo canes that have been specifically designed for use in massage to release tight muscles instantly and painlessly. … As a result, the client benefits from deeper muscle work and the benefits of the treatment last longer.

What to expect from a hot stone massage at Bare Essentials

This indulgent whole-body treatment starts with a short consultation after which our massage therapist will leave you to undress to your underwear. We’ll give you towels to cover the areas that aren’t being massaged.

The therapist heats the stones until they are the perfect temperature, and then places them gently on your back, on the palms of your hands and/or between your toes. She may also use the stones to massage you, as this can help soothe away the tension in your muscles. The heat warms your muscles, making you relax more, and a deeper pressure can be used to really relax you and undo any tightness in your muscles and tissues.

At the start of your massage treatment, the therapist applies warmed oils to help the stones move smoothly across your skin.  A hot stone massage usually starts with you lying on your front, and then turning over halfway through so that the therapist can work on the front of your legs and arms.

The stones feel lovely as they are moved around your skin. The heat makes them especially soothing – this is a wonderful treatment for anyone who needs de-stressing.

What is a hot stone massage good for?

The number one reason people love hot stone massages is because they are so deeply relaxing. Because this type of massage has such intense calming effects, it’s also good any aches and pains, muscle tension and joint pain.

Experience a hot stone massage for yourself – call us and book a treatment now.


“Massage is the only form of physical pleasure to which nature forgot to attach consequences.
~Robert Brault
  • 1 HOUR MASSAGE £48


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