Gel Nail Polish

Keep up with the latest trends and keep your nails chip-free for longer with INK London nails – available from Bare Essentials nails in south Oxfordshire.

Gel polish is a type of nail polish that lasts longer than traditional polish, but doesn’t extend your natural nails so isn’t a ‘gel nail’. People love gel nails because of the fabulous selection of on-trend colours, the fact that the gel polish sets to touch immediately and it can last for up to three weeks.

INK London nails are is applied in the same way as a normal polish, with a base coat, followed by a colour coat and ten a top coat, but at each stage the polish is cured under an LED light. It’s great for people who have trouble growing their nails as the gel polish strengthens them while it’s in place and resists splitting and peeling.

The fabulous, on-trend collection gives you a great selection of gorgeous colours to choose from, along with up to three weeks high shine gloss, which is chip and scratch free. It can last even longer on your toes.

It’s easy to remove – just takes 10 minutes or so to do in the salon. We wrap your nails in a cotton pad soaked in remover and keep it in place with foil, there are no drills, files or buffing to damage your natural nails.

You can replace gel nails as often as you want; there’s no need to let them rest or ‘breathe’. We’ll give you aftercare advice so that you keep your nails chip free and gorgeous as long as possible, and we can replace them at the same time as we remove them. It won’t damage your natural nails; in fact, many people say that they get stronger as they use gel polishes like INK London because they don’t have a chance to split or break with gel reinforcements so they grow longer than usual.

For super glamorous, long-lasting nails, book your INK London nails at Bare Essentials right now…you won’t look back!


    Bio sculpture nails now available – £35
    Soak off & overlays – £38.50
    Rebalance infills – £28

    Bio gel extensions – £45
    French set – £42

INK London gel nails oxford


INK London gel polish is available in a huge selection of vibrant colours, classic and fashion shades. You can also choose to have a simple pink nail to which you can add ordinary nail polish (and remove with regular nail polish remover without damaging the gel polish). It’s proving so popular – we are very excited to be offering this treatment at Bare Essentials.

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