Facial Peel Treatments

Deep cleanse your skin with a targeted facial peel in our lovely beauty salon in West Hagbourne – it’ll feel like new.

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A chemical peel is a very effective treatment that can help to smooth the texture and appearance of your skin, exfoliate and remove impurities. The top layer of your skin is removed using a weak acid solution, and when the peel is removed, new skin is revealed.

The new skin underneath will be softer and smoother, and blemishes will often be improved, with skin tone evened out and pigmentation corrected. There are also peels that treat specific skin concerns like acne or which help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

A facial peel has many benefits. It can:

      • Exfoliate your skin
      • Unblock pores (to improve acne)
      • Help control excess oil production
      • Promote skin cell turnover, boosting collagen production and reducing fine lines and wrinkles
      • Remove any blackheads
      • Help to improve the appearance of acne scarring, sun spots, or pigmentation marks.

What are the different types of skin peel?


The best type of peel to start with; they go well with the LED Light Therapy too to reduce any redness. Mandelic is a type of hydroxyl (AHA) peel, similar to a glycolic peel. Mandelic peels are gentler on your skin some other types of peel, but still very effective, and they have anti-bacterial properties that make them ideal for acne treatment too. Also suits hyper-pigmented skin, and is safe for use on rosacea and for darker skin types.


This peel is designed to stimulates growth of skin and collagen by removing the layer of the dead skin that forms the top layer. After a glycolic peel, you’ll have noticeably rejuvenated skin and a healthier looking complexion. A glycolic peel is great as an anti-ageing treatment as it boosts collagen production and that’s something that slows down as we get older.


This is a stronger facial peel which we recommend for acne prone skin after trying a mandelic peel. It gives a deep exfoliation and helps to unclog blocked pores, along with eliminating any blackheads and unblocking pores. If you want to go all out for a really excellent anti-ageing and skin resurfacing peel, this is the one for you as it will also encourage skin cell turnover and boost your collagen production.

For more advice and information about the right facial peel for you, feel free to contact us and we’ll be delighted to talk you through the available options.


  • Facial Peels – £40
    Mandelic Peel with LED light therapy – £60
    Please book a patch test 48 hours before
facial peel oxfordshire