We now offer Fractional Mesotherapy at Bare Essentails!

We are really excited to be offering an advanced Micro-needling treatment using pharmaceutical serums to help treat your skin.

Fractional Mesotherapy is an advanced technique that provides more comfort with superior results whilst producing collagen through controlled wounding.

Meso therapy can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, hair loss, scars & cellulite.

Fractional Meso also helps to strengthen hair follicles & improves circulation of the scalp. This can increase growth if combined with the Meso products.

This treatment is also a brilliant for anti-ageing, promoting healthy, resilient skin that looks younger.

If you are interested in hearing more about this treatment, please PM us for more information.


Problem area – Wrinkles, eye bags & dark circles.
Treatment plan – 1 session every 2 weeks/4 sessions.
Price – £75 per treatment

Problem area- Wrinkles, flaccid, aged skin.
Treatment plan – 1 session every 2 weeks/4 sessions.
Deeper work on lines treatment every 4 weeks.
Price – £175 per session

Problem area- Uneven skin tone, dull, dehydrated skin.
Treatment plan – 1 session every 2 weeks/2 sessions.
Price – £135 per treatment.

Problem area- Scars, stretch marks.
Treatment plan- 1 session every 2 weeks/6-8 sessions.
Price – Consultation needed.

Problem area- Hair loss, alopecia, loss of vitality.
Treatment plan- 1 session every 1/2 weeks/6 sessions.
Price- Prices start from £75-£150 per session, consultation needed.

Please PM us if you’d like to book a skin consultation or book through the website www.bare-essentials.info