I have recently taken on the award winning Pink Boutique Facial range at Bare Essentials. I fell in love with the products & was so impressed with the company I also took on the manicure & pedicure range.

It shocked me when I looked closer at most products available on the high street, how many nasty chemicals are added to them which we then put on our skin. Do you really want something being absorbed into your body when potentially it could be halming you?
It’s now all the trend to say your product is organic, but don’t trust brands just because they are green, white or beige in colour, have leafs or flowers on them or that tell you they are natural.
Check the labels to check the ingredients or look for ‘the soil association’ stamp which means their products have to be 70-100% organic (& trust me there are not many!).

Are the products Organic?

Yes, there are very few skincare brands that volunteer to have a third party check and validate this as it is an expensive process and very time consuming. The Soil Association have certified ALL Pinks Boutique skin and body care products.
The have validated that the bottles have over 70%- 100% organic ingredients and that any remaining percentage is from the allowed natural category. This is the highest global organic certification standards.
Their logo means that our ingredients are grown in clean soil, extracted without solvents and handled conscientiously during the manufacturing process.
Our third-party certification means that you can trust us when we say we’re committed to nontoxic and eco friendly practices, we really mean it.

If you’re after a more luxury spa facial that is genuinely organic & contains no synthetic chemicals that can be tailor made for your skin type this is the facial for you.

Collagen masks can be added to the anti ageing facial for an added boost – anti-ageing treatment veils which combine intensive hydration in a range to manage different needs. Dramtic results leaving a smoother, firmer and less lined skin.

Organic Rose – For highly sensitive & mature skins. For those who need their facial to minimise the risk of irritation, calm the appearance of redness, be free from irritants whilst being unrivalled for skin repair, cellular renewal, soothing & hydration.

Ocha – Packed with white & green tea for high anti-oxidant anti ageing skin care for normal to dry & dehydrated skins. For a facial centred on hydration, complexion brightening & smoothing.

Lemongrass & Mandarin – Antiseptic & restorative for combination, oily & younger skins to help prevent breakouts, be free from pore blocking ingredients & drying alcohols which promote & frequently cause oil imbalances typical when using synthetic skin care.

Pinks Boutique Signature Facial
Not just a facial, an all over luxurious body treatment!
If you can’t decide between a facial or massage this treatment is for you.
Your whole body will be treated to a sensory delight, there’s not anywhere we will miss out!
Becky will first treat your feet with hot towels, foot soak & a foot scrub.
She will then go on to treat your back to a mini facial & massage before turning you over for your signature facial which will be tailored to your skin type.

Pink Boutique Anti-ageing Facial
Thanks to organic processing, the anti-oxidants, vitamins & minerals within our products are kept intact, not destroyed- as often occurs in chemical processing. Using super charged rosehip, scientifically proven to reduce signs of ageing, wrinkles & sun damage. This facial also works on the tell tale giveaways, the back of the neck & decollate. Natural face lift massage techniques & pressure points encourage lymph drainage, leaving your complexion visibly smoothed & bright.

Pink Boutiques Eco Chic Facial
Our organic facial combines deep cleansing with out camellia based melt exfoliation, a relaxing face, neck & shoulder massage & mask. The upper back & neck are also included, providing these often neglected areas with vital moisture. Designed to restore the natural balance of your skin, the Pinks Boutique products use only natural ingredients, such as herbs, essential oils & anti oxidants, to promote clear, hydrated & radiant skin.

If you’d like to buy any of the Pink Boutique products you can now do so through my website.

  • Signature Facial – 105 mins £80
    Anti-ageing Facial – £50
    Anti ageing/collagen veil – £80
    Eco Facial – 60 mins £45

    Add on an LED light treatment to any of theses facials for an extra £20

Contact us to make a booking or call the salon on 01235 851863 or 07870 849351 and speak to Becky.