Gelish Nail Polish

Gelish non-chipping nail polish at Bare Essentials in Oxfordshire

Are you tired of re-coating your nails with enamel every 3-4 days? Does your nail polish keep chipping off? Then here’s a solution for all your problems – Gelish Gel Nail polish from Harmony….

A lot has been done in recent years in the nail polish industry due to most women complaining of their polish not lasting and chipping off. As compared to the ordinary nail colour the Gelish gel nail polish sticks to your nails for up to 2-3 weeks. At Bare Essentials in Oxfordshire we are experts at Gelish Nails!

These manicures are almost identical to normal manicures, but the polish contains a plastic molecule that stays intact once its been cured under UV light. For weddings, it’s a life saver because you don’t need to worry about chipping or smudging and they’ll still look amazing throughout your honeymoon. It’s removed using pure acetone after 2-3 weeks or when you fancy a change, without damaging the natural nail.

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It comes in loads of colours, or you can have a simple pink then paint ordinary nail polish on top (which you take off with regular nail polish remover without damaging the gelish varnish). It’s a genius concept and we are very excited to now be offering this treatment at Bare Essentials.

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