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Laser Hair Removal

No need to shave or wax anymore!

facial laser hair removal oxfordshire

Now offering IPL hair removal, thread vein, pigment & help with rosacea.

Radio frequency skin rejuvenation

Skin treatments are our specialty

skin rejuvenation and radio frequency

Radio frequency is great for turning back the time without having to go under the knife. RF tightens sagging skin, reduces lines & wrinkles & knocks years off you! Take Becky up on her special offer this month & come & try out this amazing treatment.

Dermedics body wrap

Goodbye cellulite, hello beautiful body!
Lose a dress size in an hour with this amazing new body wrap!

Amazing results & now on offer so book today!

Pinks Boutique Organic Facials

‘Stay clean inside & outside with organic skincare’

In the beauty industry, many ‘natural’ products aren’t as pure as you might expect. But at Pinks Boutique, we only use organic ingredients, certified by the Soil Association. We also ensure we use the right quantity of each plant extract and essential oil to deliver a genuine therapeutic benefit – not just to spice up our ingredients list.
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Why Us?

Becky Lay is a highly experienced and professional practitioner who has trained at the world renowned Champneys. At Bare Essentials in West Hagbourne, South Oxfordshire you can experience a whole range of top quality treatments, using the best products. From Swedish Massage, to Slimming and Contouring treatments, from Botox and Fillers to Waxing and Manicures, you can experience the very best beauty therapy on offer at Bare Essentials. If you are looking to escape for a few hours & need some time out away from your hectic life this is the place to come.

Jennifer has spaces on the 5th of August for micro blading.
Email Becky to book on beckylay79@hotmail.co.uk
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Microblading coming soon.... Microblading Microblading, sometimes referred to as eyebrow embroidery, uses a small blade to implant pigment into your eyebrows in tiny hair strokes to create a full and natural looking brow. Depending on the person, the effects can last anywhere from 1-3 years, but an annual top up is advised to keep the brows looking fresh. Please note a patch test will be required at least 48hrs prior to your first treatment. Also if you have no eyebrow hair and a total eyebrow reconstruction is required a separate consultation appointment will be required before the initial appointment. This will be done at no cost. The initial treatment includes a consultation, drawing on the brows after agreeing the shape, colour mix, application of cream anaesthetic, the microblading process and finally the aftercare. This can take anywhere from 1 to 2hrs depending on the client, so it's best to bare this in mind and allow plenty of time. We recommend a anaesthetic cream such as EMLA, LMX, or Dr numb is applied to the eyebrows half an hour before your appointment. A touch up appointment will be required 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment. This is to enforce any missing strokes, any colour adjustment (should this be required), and neaten the final look. The touch up appointments generally should take no longer than an hour. The pigments used will initially seem quite dark, this is because the healed result can lighten by around 40% to 50%, but results vary depending on the clients skin. To achieve the best possible results, clients must adhere to the strict aftercare advice and should understand the healing process post-treatment. After care: After your microblading treatment you must avoid water, soap, any lotions or makeup coming into contact with your eyebrows for 14 days. Whilst taking a bath/shower or washing hair you must take precautions to keep the eyebrow area dry. Day 1 & 2 Keep eyebrows dry. Day 3 - 7 Apply a thin layer of coconut oil morning and night. All days 1-14 It is very important to avoid the following: Scratching or picking the healing skin as this can cause loss of pigmentation Drinking high volumes of alcohol as this can slow down the healing process Using a sauna, steam room or going swimming Sun exposure or tanning etc. Use of chemical or laser peels The aftercare required, post microblading, is very important. It is recommended you plan your appointments to avoid any of the above instructions affecting the healing process and ultimately, the finished look. The healing process: The full healing process can take up to 6 weeks. During this time, you will see many changes to your eyebrows that you must be prepared for. Everybody heals slightly differently so predicting the exact steps is hard, however here's a guide of what to expect. Day 1 - Brows look sharp and amazing, the pigment gets darker throughout the day. Day 2 - Pigment reaches its darkest by the end of the day. End of week 1 - Light scabbing starts to form and the area may start to itch a little. Week 2 - Brow scabbing develops and some of the dry skin may start to flake. In the areas where the skin has flaked it may look like the colour has faded and the shape has gone. This is caused by a new layer of skin forming over the treated area which has yet to fully heal. Week 3-4 - Pigment continues to oxidise and microbladed strokes begin to reappear. This may appear slightly patchy. Week 5-6 - Eyebrows are fully healed ready for final touch up appointment. Does microblading hurt? This is a very common question which is difficult to answer as everyone's pain threshold is different. Some people say it hardly hurts at all and just feels like a scratching on the skin. Others say the pain, at times, is intense and could be compared to a normal tattoo. All I can say is that I use anaesthetic creams to make you as comfortable as possible throughout the process. The actually time spent microblading is relatively short and just remember no pain no gains! Costs: To secure your appointment a non refundable deposit of £25 is required, the balance is payable by cash on the day. Initial treatment - £100 (allow 2hrs) Touch up - £50 (allow 1hr) Jennifer will be coming to Bare Essentials on the 5th of August & will have 4 slots available at 9am, 11.30, 2 & 4.30. Please book via the website or Facebook.

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“Becky really knows her stuff. She is highly skilled, professional and friendly”  Patricia, South Oxfordshire